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If you have read Families Like Mine, please leave a comment of your own with your thoughts on the book.

Daughter of a Lesbian, age 35:

I just finished your book and it was fabulous. It has been my favorite read [about LGBT families] and by far the most helpful. Many of your points in the book resonated for me.

Gay dad and grandfather:

I just finished reading your book which I borrowed from the library. Where were you 25 years ago when I needed you?

Lesbian Mother:
in partnered relationship; has grown son

I recently finished your book. I have already given away 4 of your books and have just ordered 9 more, also with the intent of giving them to a variety of folks and organizations. Now I need to talk with [my son]. Thank you so very much for what you are sharing. I feel more appreciative than I can communicate.

Lesbian Mother:
raising two donor babies

Reading your book helped me to better understand what I need to do to ensure that my kids grow up feeling good both about themselves and about our family – especially important that our son grow up not feeling bad about being male. I know that I will be more careful about making gross generalizations about straight people or about men that are said when one is mad or sad about something society has done to us. You gave me a lot to think about.

Lesbian Mother:

Your book is helping me get through a very tough time with my 14-old-daughter who is going through the stage of saying things like ‘you are gross, why can’t you like a guy?’ You have been a real anchor for me in these trying times. The pages of your book are quite highlighted at my home!!!

Lesbian Reader:

I am reading your book as I just entered a relationship in January and my partner has a 6-year-old daughter. I discovered through reading your book that she is already going through a lot of managing of disclosure in first grade—her own coming out process….very interesting.

Political Science Professor:
Southern California

I thought I was a pretty aware person, but I learned a great deal from this. I really like the way that you navigate the political complexities of the issues as well. You are sensitive to nuances without sacrificing the power and confidence of your voice.

A Dad in Denmark:
Just coming out…

I’m 34 years old and I’ve just left the closet after 13 years in a straight marriage. I have a son at the age of 9, and untill now I didn’t have any idea how to break the news to him, or how to handle the situation. In that respect, your book offered some interesting views on the topic.

Gay Male Couple:
waiting to adopt

We are thankful to have such a valuable, thoughtful, and thorough resource. Of the books we have read, this — by far — gives us the best and most realistic ideas of what we can expect as fathers.

An accidental reader:
(Non-gay parent)

I have a habit of grabbing a non-fiction book at random from the shelves in the library to learn something new. Your book was the one I grabbed this past week.  I now understand the problem my daughter has in a family blended in religious ways. She might be feeling that to choose one way over another would be too hard on her parents. Or she may not even know how she feels. No wonder our daughter doesn’t want to have anything to do with either side. Your book changed me and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you wrote it.

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  1. LOVE the book–still reading it. As a gay, heterosexually-married father-of-three on the verge of divorce, I hope my (soon-to-be) former wife can overcome her personal biases against me (she is devoutly religious and very ‘anti-gay’) and read it, for the benefit of our three young kids, if not for her own personal edification.

  2. I am not gay, i don’t have any gay parents either, but i was touched when i heard those stories. I may have a few gay friend but it is nothing like what i read today. my friends are usually joking. i feel sorry for you all, but if that is who you really are then no one can change who you are. i like the book anyway.

  3. i am the daughter of a lesbian and i love it your book made me realize that there are others in the world just like me. i appreciate the fact that you used the phrase “culturally queer erotically straight” because that’s exactly how i would describe myself. I am proud to be “Non-traditional.” It’s more fun. Thank you for writing this book. I used it in my final research paper for school and got an A.

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