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Finding support in a small town.


I would like some information on how I can start a support group for LGBT parents and children. There seems to be a major lack of support where we live. We are in a little town and we do not have many resources that we can turn to. That is very sad to me. I would love to see my community get more involved and offer more to the gay community. Continue reading Finding support in a small town.

Improving outreach to straight kids of LGBT parents.


I am a straight mom with a grown lesbian daughter and co-chair of our local PFLAG chapter. We have many young people attend our meetings which has encouraged us to work with our school system. The one area we are finding difficult is the (straight) kids with lgbt parents. The ones we’ve met who are in middle school and even high school absolutely refuse to tell anyone they have gay parents. The schools that do try to be inclusive [of lgbt youth] have to be reminded to include non-discrimination against kids with gay parents because of the harassment factors. These kids also don’t want to hang out with the gay kids who come to the meetings and appear to feel very isolated. What can we do to help? Continue reading Improving outreach to straight kids of LGBT parents.