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Children resist lesbian mothers’ urge to merge.


My partner and I have just purchased our first home together. We are extremely excited about this move since we have been living in separate apartments for over eight months.

The problem arises with the different levels of acceptance our children have about our decision to live together. They range in age from 21 to 13. Her two oldest sons — both over 18 — will not be joining us in our new home. They are extremely homophobic and vocally oppose our plan. Continue reading Children resist lesbian mothers’ urge to merge.

Can these mommies get their groove back?


I really appreciated the response you gave to Randi from Denver. The child is the most important factor in this decision.

On that note: My partner of 15 years and I have a four-year-old daughter. We do share a bedroom, but have kept the door open and have remained (for lack of a better term) platonic since our daughter was born. I am really at a loss about how, when, or if to reclaim an intimate relationship with my partner. Continue reading Can these mommies get their groove back?

Mom’s girlfriend sleeps downstairs.


I am in a relationship with another woman who has a 10-year-old daughter. She told her daughter that we love each other to which her daughter replied, “I know.”

Now, I am not sure what exactly she “knows” but when I stay over, I sleep downstairs in another room. I’d like to stay with my girlfriend in her bedroom, which is upstairs, near her daughter’s bedroom but my girlfriend is not sure how to explain this to her daughter. What would be the best way to tell her daughter that we want to sleep in the same bedroom? Continue reading Mom’s girlfriend sleeps downstairs.

Using a “known donor” you don’t really know.


I have just recently got your book. Thanks for all the info. I know it will be helpful along the way.

I am a lesbian in a committed relationship with my girlfriend for three years now. We are both very much in love and both of us want to be parents together. However, we live in Ireland and gay people have no rights as parents, adoption etc. My girlfriends wants to be the biological parent however she wants the donor to be an old friend of hers who I have not met. Continue reading Using a “known donor” you don’t really know.

Kids don’t want to meet Mom’s girlfriend.


My girlfriend of six months is mother to a son (13) and daughter (15). Until she met me, she had not been involved with anyone since her divorce 10 years ago.

Her children are very much against our relationship and are very adamant about not meeting me. My girlfriend is respecting their wishes, so I only get to see her every other week — when the kids are with their father. We are feeling very frustrated and resentful towards the kids. Continue reading Kids don’t want to meet Mom’s girlfriend.